Crop Map

High-resolution spatial map of a standing crop 

RMSI Cropalytics crop map shows the geo-location of sown acreage of the current cropping season in high resolution. We make the crop map actionable by overlaying useful data on it, including village boundaries, farm sizes, crop health, weather forecasts, yield estimates, and land ownership. The map gives accurate acreage estimation by village and sharper identification of agrarian distress, as well as data-based decision-making on the deployment of resources, risk mitigation, and procurement.

The crop map is updated every Kharif and Rabi season and will cover major crops such as Paddy, Soyabean, Maize, Sugarcane, and Wheat.

What It Covers?

Updated every Kharif and Rabi season

Major crops are classified at high resolution across the country

Covers major crops such as paddy, soybean, maize, sugarcane, and wheat

Shows the geo-location of sown acreage of the current cropping season in high resolution

RMSI Cropalytics, Crop Map of India is the most accurate, granular, and actionable data at the village level that monitors your field’s analytics and visualizes areas of interest. Crop Map can help your business uncover insights, sync data in real time, and ensure it is future-ready.

Explore what crop map can do for your industry

15-day pest and disease infestation warnings

Single platform for monitoring and managing all the data layers

Updated every Kharif and Rabi season

Covers agricultural and non agricultural parameters

Increase sales with field level actionable data

Historical data archive

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