Farmer Decision Support System

PInCER mobile application captures field data from farmers and assists input companies in building robust last-mile two-way communication with farmers, pushing on-time crop-specific advisories & best practices to farmers.

The app captures farm details by growth stage, including sowing data, application of agri-input, and stress, if any. The backend portal allows farm-wise visibility and analytics.

With our solution, companies can push customized advisories to farmers to have better yields, guide farmers toward best practices, and help them take proactive steps to optimize their productivity.

The mobile app and platform enable:

  • Farmer enrolment
  • Geo-locating the farm
  • Tracking crop stage, health, inputs, and stress through multiple visits
  • Sending advisories
  • Recording yield improvements

Prioritize your target area

Build effective Go-to-Market strategies

Identify historical data insights

Provide 360-degree insights

Cost-effective and optimized revenue

Reduce wastage / pilferage

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