Policy Verification & Farmer Credit Rating

The financial sector can verify hundreds of thousands of applications using RMSI Cropalytics’ technology-based solution. Using this application, insurance companies can verify the correctness of information provided by the farmers, farm ownership, and acreage and ween out applications where there is a mismatch in the data.

With our solution, verifying farms could be fast-tracked for claiming settlement. In addition, insurance companies can assess the probability of a moral hazard and provide a rapid response to farm distress with farmer credit ratings.

Challenges of the Banks:

  • Cross validating a large number of applications requires manual intervention & is time-consuming,
  • Manual methods may sometime lead to the disbursement of loans on wrong information.

Our Solution

A technology-based solution that helps insurance companies verify hundreds of thousands of crop insurance policies.

  • Verifies the correctness of village, farm ownership, and acreage as mentioned in the policy
  • Verification process uses large-scale automation and machine learning
  • Verified farms could be fast-tracked for claims settlement
  • Helps the insurance company assess the probability of moral hazard
  • Helps the insurance company in building a reputation for rapid response to farm distress

Cut down manual intervention

Streamline the process of cross-validating applicant details

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