Portfolio Analysis & Premium Calculator

PInCER Portfolio Analysis tool can help optimize an insurance company’s reinsurance strategy to attain optimal net retention while efficiently managing risk.

The premium calculator tool aims to provide district-wise and crop-wise premium costing based on Yield Estimate (PMFBY) and Weather Forecast (WBCIS) methodologies

These tools help insurance companies –

  • To determine market participation strategy by analyzing multiple target portfolios and generating return period losses for each combination
  • Evaluate the reinsurance strategy by assessing multiple treaty plans
  • Balance the portfolio risk
  • Model output includes EP curves at Portfolio/Crop/Cluster/State level and Return Period Losses

Prioritize your target area

Build effective Go-to-Market strategies

Identify historical data insights

Provide 360-degree insights

Cost-effective and optimized revenue

Reduce wastage / pilferage

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