Village Prioritization

Village Prioritisation enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. The village prioritization module assists in categorizing villages/cadastral within a district based on their historical performance in agricultural fields. This module can customize metrics specified by the client, considering various parameters such as socio-economic factors, flood/draft indices, and irrigation indexes.

RMSI Cropalytics’ Village Prioritisation module provides 360-degree insights by considering multiple agricultural parameters, including socio-economic, flood/drought scores, and irrigation indexes.

Our team of experts will ensure your business is future-ready by enhancing efficiency in the Go-to-Market strategy, increasing profitability, and improving priorities.

Challenges of the seed industry

  • Identifying the regions within districts for specific crops
  • Manual interventions are inefficient, time-consuming, and bound to human error

Our Solution

Cropalytics enables seed companies to make cost-effective, profit-maximizing decisions. Our solution helps these organizations make better strategic decisions by identifying the best seed quality for specific fields and gaining control over prioritizing correct geographies. Our solution can support seed companies –

Optimize seed sales

Build effective GTM

Increase efficiency of field manpower

Prioritize area of interest


  • Identifying areas of interest basis crop and various other parameters
  • Challenges in mobilizing stock for availability to farmers
  • Lack of effective engagement mechanisms with farmers
  • Reliance on the field team for actionable insights

Our Solution

Cropalytics Village Prioritisation module offers a safe channel to engage with the farmers and real-time tracking of the crop growth, field officer management, and outlook report for pest and disease attack alerts. Agrochemical and fertilizer companies will benefit from this AI-ML model to define priority areas basis the criteria and bespoke reports on various parameters like yield, crop health, and acreage insights. Our solution can support agrochemical industries –

  • Reduce wastage/pilferage by scientifically prompting the right geographies to focus on.
  • Increase sales revenue while reducing operational costs.


  • Identifying the areas within a district with high yields is difficult.
  • Impacts the go-to-market strategy
  • Individually reaching out to every district is expensive and sometimes less impactful.

Our Solution

Our Village Prioritisation module provides 360-degree insights into yield estimation and acreage trends, helping farm equipment companies with visible farm operations data. With our robust Artificial Intelligence solution, we provide agriculture insights so that decision-makers can be market-ready, prioritize correct geographies, and create cost-effective plans. This solution can support farm equipment industries –

Optimize revenue

Build effective GTM & channel strategy

Increase productivity

Prioritizing villages with higher potential


  • Assessment of the credit risk associated with villages
  • Formulation of an effective credit extension strategy to reduce their NPAs
  • Extensive manual intervention throughout the transaction results in a very high service cost
  • Market Linkage
  • Farmer KYC and income insights

Our Solution

Our village prioritization module helps streamline their loan disbursement strategies and service process. Cropalytics solution makes the process cost-effective & helps banking monitor risk in real-time. Agricultural lenders and banks can mitigate risks by utilizing region-specific offerings such as weather-based advisory in real-time, acreage insights, yield and harvest estimations, and crop and soil health monitoring.

  • Minimize NPAs and crop losses
  • Crop Detection
  • Plan agri-loan disbursement strategy
  • Optimize GTM efforts seamlessly
  • Historic data insights


  • Identifying areas within a district that have performed well historically
  • Impacts the commodity traders’ procurement and production planning
  • Crop and region or country level yield forecasting

Our Solution

Cropalytics Village Prioritization module resolves the challenges of procurement & production planning by prioritizing the correct geographies. It makes the process cost-effective & helps commodity traders/farming organizations generate additional revenue. Our solution can help commodity traders monitor and track yield- estimation of various crops like maize and support the companies –

Plan procurement strategies

Identify high yield areas

Optimize the cost of operations

Last-mile traceability

Identify historical data insights

Prioritizing villages with higher potential

Build effective Go-to-Market strategy

Identify historical data insights

Provide 360 degree insights

Cost effective and optimize revenue

Reduce wastage / pilferage

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