Village Prioritization

Village Prioritisation enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. The village prioritization module assists in categorizing villages/cadastres within a district based on customized metrics desired by the client, including socio-economic factors, crop acreage, health, historical yield, crop outlook, pest risk, and hazard vulnerability assessment.

This solution can support agri-related businesses –

  • Optimize revenue
  • Build effective go-to-market & channel strategy
  • Increase productivity
  • Prioritize villages with higher business potential
  • Improve the efficiency of field manpower
  • Minimize NPAs by deploying crop risk mitigation strategies
  • Plan agri-loan disbursement strategy
  • Make timely allocation of stock and manpower

Pest and Disease Forecast

A predictive solution providing 15 days’ outlook of the likelihood of pest/disease attack at a district level

Powered by a prediction model that uses weather forecasts to alert each district to the onset of pest-conducive weather for relevant crops, pests, or diseases.

  • 21 Major crops
  • 152 Pests, 172 Diseases
  • Susceptible growth stage identification
  • Susceptible plant part identification
  • Control recommendations to mitigate risk
  • Village-level crop health and acreage distribution
  • Village-level soil moisture information

Weather and Crop Yield Outlook

Get country, state, or district-wise yield, acreage outlook, and estimation for all major crops.

We have developed hazard-vulnerability functions and AI/ML-based models for determining acreage, yield, and health estimations at a resolution up to 10mx10m or higher, using multiple technologies – drones, satellite imagery, synthetic aperture radar, IoT, and mobile apps.

We estimate crop yield at village level for the Government of India in several districts, for several crops across the country.


Build effective Go-to-Market strategies

Identify historical data insights

Provide 360-degree insights

Cost-effective and optimized revenue

Reduce wastage / pilferage

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