Village Prioritization

Village Prioritisation enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. The village prioritization module assists in categorizing villages/cadastral within a district based on their historical performance in agricultural fields. This module can customize metrics specified by the client, considering various parameters such as socio-economic factors, flood/draft indices, and irrigation indexes.

RMSI Cropalytics’ Village Prioritisation module provides 360-degree insights by considering multiple agricultural parameters, including socio-economic, flood/drought scores, and irrigation indexes.

Our team of experts will ensure your business is future-ready by enhancing efficiency in the Go-to-Market strategy, increasing profitability, and improving priorities.

Our Solution

Our Village Prioritisation module provides 360-degree insights into yield estimation and acreage trends, helping agri-input companies with visible farm operations data. With our robust Artificial Intelligence solution, we provide agriculture insights so that decision-makers can be market-ready, prioritize correct geographies, and create cost-effective plans. Agricultural lenders and banks can mitigate risks by utilizing region-specific offerings such as weather-based advisory in real-time, acreage insights, yield and harvest estimations, and crop and soil health monitoring.

Our solution can help monitor and track yield estimation of various crops and support the agri-input, banking, and insurance industries –

  • Optimize revenue
  • Build effective go-to-market & channel strategy
  • Increase productivity
  • Prioritize villages with high-yield areas
  • Increase efficiency of field manpower
  • Minimize NPAs and crop losses
  • Crop Detection
  • Plan agri-loan disbursement strategy
  • Historic data insights
  • Last-mile traceability
  • Identify historical data insights

Prioritizing villages with higher potential

Build effective Go-to-Market strategy

Identify historical data insights

Provide 360 degree insights

Cost effective and optimize revenue

Reduce wastage / pilferage

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