In-Season Tracking

RMSI Cropalytics’ satellite-based In-Season tracking system provides real-time monitoring of regions during the entire season. This comprehensive tracking solution combined with on-ground intelligence captures details such as sowing progress, crop-specific acreage, the health of crops at various stages, estimated yields, crop stress, and harvest status. In addition, the solution can provide pest and disease outlooks for specific regions every 14 days.

Our solution helps companies monitor the district/tehsil/villages throughout the season, from sowing to harvest:

  1. Crop specific acreage
  2. Sowing Progress
  3. Health of crops at different stages
  4. Stress due to water, pest, and diseases in infestation
  5. Track yield estimates and harvest status on a real-time basis

Proactive measures to understand crop health

Track your business portfolio

Understand the risk on a real-time basis

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