A Comprehensive Agri-data Stack with a Map of Standing Crop

A first-of-its-kind live crop map of India at the village level

The crop map shows the high-resolution geo-location of sown acreage in the current cropping season. It is a giant leap for agriculture data visibility.

Currently, crop acreages are estimated at a coarse resolution at the state or district level but not marked or verified on the map. The first-of-its-kind crop map will be updated at the village level every Kharif and Rabi season, covering major crops such as paddy, soybean, maize, sugarcane, and wheat at high resolution.

RMSI Cropalytics makes the crop map actionable by overlaying useful data on it, including village boundaries, farm sizes, crop health, weather forecasts, yield estimates, and land ownership. It allows for more accurate acreage estimation by village and sharper identification of agrarian distress, as well as data-based decision-making on deploying resources, risk mitigation, and procurement.


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Product Suite


Helps lenders classify villages based on crop acreage, health, yield forecast, and scores of other parameters


Using remote sensing to track areas and crops of interest, monitoring crop health, making yield estimates and harvest updates


Verify crop insurance policies to assess the probability of a moral hazard and manage faster claim settlement


Mobile app that supports farmer enrollment, geo-location, tracking, & advisory 


Assesses crop risk using remote-sensing for standing
crops. Estimate share of the portfolio at NPA risk and likely insurance recovery

Field Management System

Portal for assigning territories to field extension team members and tracking their activities

PInCER™ is a powerful amalgamation of advanced actuarial practices, Nat Cat modeling, mobile technologies, image processing and remote sensing techniques backed by long time series data sets and multi disciplinary experts.

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