RMSI Cropalytics

RMSI Cropalytics aims to stack relevant agriculture data to throw a sharp light on crop acreages, health, and agrarian distress hotspots to enable inputs, finance, risk coverage, and output buyers to reach those who need it when they need it.

RMSI Cropalytics focuses on data analytics that combines the application of AI to satellite images with advanced modeling, machine learning, and crop and meteorological domain expertise to provide solutions to decision-makers in government, crop insurance, agriculture input sector, commodity trading, and the social sector.

RMSI Cropalytics is an affiliate of RMSI, one of the largest geospatial experts in the world, with an employee base of over 5000 and a company that is consistently ranked amongst the top companies to work for. RMSI’s solutions address global climate change issues, natural calamities, human habitation, food security, autonomous transportation, smart utilities, and networks.

We believe, technology can solve many challenges in agriculture

Awards & Recognitions

Acknowledged by multiple organizations and received a number of prestigious awards in the first few years of our establishment.

RMSI Cropalytics wins FICCI Best Agri Start-up Award 2021 in the ‘Best Women Agtech Entrepreneurs’ category

Cropalytics recognized among India’s Most Innovative & Emerging Software Product Companies & Agri Start-Up

FICCI Best Agri Start-up in Application of Digital Technologies

Telangana Agri AI Grand Challenge for Farmer Credit Risk Assessment Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Agriculture in India is a 400 billion sector contributing to 17% of India’s GDP; however, it faces the challenge of unorganized and scattered data. For an industry, so extensive, timely, comprehensive, and organized, data & analytics is a real game changer.

RMSI Cropalytics is a deep-tech startup providing information and analytics to solve the challenges of the Indian Agri-sector

Cropalytics has the expertise in using advanced technologies like AI-ML, satellite imagery, drones, and IoT combined with advanced modeling and meteorological domain expertise to offer end-to-end analytics solutions.

We source different satellite-based imagery/data from around the world. We work with Indian satellites; we work with American satellites as well as with European satellites. We get their imagery, and we analyze that imagery.

Cropalytic’s unique and innovative products are currently offered in a B2B model and cater to customer segments like farm equipment companiesagri-input companies, seed production companies, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, and commodity traders.

We provide multiple functionalities for these sectors, including village prioritization, pest & disease forecast, weather and crop yield outlook, in-season tracking, farmer risk profile verification, and a premium calculator.

It is done through our near real-time Crop Map. PInCER™ Crop Map is the most accurate, granular, and actionable data for India at Village Level, updated every Kharif and Rabi season and covering major crops such as paddy, soybean, maize, sugarcane, and wheat at high resolution.

RMSI Cropalytics is an agri-tech company focusing on data analytics and providing information and decision support to governments, lenders, crop insurers, the input sector, commodity trading, and the social sector.

RMSI’s AI/ML technology-based yield estimation methodology has been recommended and validated by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (DA&FW). We are one of the empanelled agencies by the Govt. of India to carry out the work for crop identification and yield estimation for major crops.

RMSI helps to provide near real-time information on six major crops in India, covering aspects like crop health, pest attack, village prioritization, acreage estimation, and forecast.

Multiple government and private enterprises utilize these insights and agri- analytics to make their critical decisions regarding potential areas for expansion, procurement, and marketing strategies.

Using our crop map, one of our clients got accurate and timely information on the country’s soybean production and identified the potential areas for expansion. The crop map also helped them to plan their procurement and marketing strategies more effectively and efficiently.

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