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Helping Property Risk Management at Location Level in India

Path breaking solutions that integrate key risk management functions with high-resolution countrywide hazard data
Property Insurance Companies

Informed Decision Making through Integrated Risk Management Functions

Property insurers face limited availability of reliable and comprehensive data on perils such as earthquake, cyclones, floods for specific geographies in India. The data available is scattered across disparate sources and is not standardized.RMSI has developed PIER™ (Profiler for Insurance Exposure & Risk) – a breakthrough solution that integrates key risk management functions – underwriting, hazard assessment, scenario analysis and accumulation monitoring with high-resolution countrywide data for key perils in India, including earthquake, cyclone and floods. Key offerings include:

  • Location-specific Hazard Assessment
  • Accumulation Monitoring
  • NatCat Scenario Modeling
  • Portfolio Risk assessment
Reinsurers & Brokers

Informed Decision Making through Integrated Risk Management Functions

Managing of exposure accumulations should be an ongoing process for reinsurance teams and not an end of the quarter reporting exercise. PIER’s ‘accumulation monitoring’ capability helps them with the assessment of their portfolio’s exposure at all times. This helps in optimization of reinsurance program through more professional presentation of exposure accumulations and overall better management of accumulations through the year.

Similarly, for brokers, PIER’s risk profile reports provide NAT CAT information to brokers for assessing facultative / large value policies. For the direct broking business, they can add valuable NatCat information to the ‘Site Inspection Reports’. With PIER’s exposure accumulation reports, brokers can help their potential clients in reinsurance protection purchase along with enabling them to improve their net retention.

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