Breakthrough solution to strengthen your underwriting & risk management

PIER™ (Profiler for Insurance Exposure & Risk) is a breakthrough solution that integrates key risk management functions – underwriting, hazard assessment, scenario analysis and accumulation monitoring with high-resolution countrywide data for key perils in India, including earthquake, cyclone and floods.

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Low Entry Ticket I Cloud Based I High quality hazard data for Earthquake, Flood & Cyclone I Covers 19000+ pincodes in India I Location level Resolution

Product Suite

Location Risk Profile Report

Detailed risk profile report for any location in India with risk scores for Earthquake, Flood, and Cyclone, and estimated return period losses.

Detailed Location Risk Assessment

Visualize the risk associated with any location with respect to detailed peril information.

Exposure Accumulation Profile Report

Understand your portfolio risk by monitoring your exposure accumulation across India in a concise report.

Dynamic Exposure Accumulation Profiling

An effective tool for proactive management of your portfolio risk by creating thresholds.

NatCat Modeling Report

Run a bi-annual or annual NatCat analysis of your portfolio for Earthquake, Flood and Cyclone to generate the key risk metrics.

Exposure Accumulation for Live Events

Understand your risk from a LIVE Natural Catastrophic event by monitoring your exposure accumulation in the event affected area.

PIER™ utilizes geospatial technologies providing business users with an integrated view of exposure, hazard and business data at lat/long resolution for the entire country hence improving identification, assessment, pricing and monitoring of risk across various lines of business.

How It Helps?

Provides a comprehensive hazard risk profile report (at lat/long level) to enable risk based pricing

Exposure accumulation functionality helping to understand risk attributes of a policy and its contribution to the entire portfolio

Proprietary risk scores for EQ, FL and Cyclone helping to asses vulnerability at location level

Return period hazard intensity maps for all three major perils to help ascertain and track the exposure in various return period zones (1 in 100 yrs, 50 yrs etc)

Monitoring business performance by visualizing key business information such as pincode wise achievement, loss ratio distribution, and overall market penetration

Breakthrough solution to strengthen your underwriting & risk management

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